Speed Painting – A Revolution in the Field of Art

The world is revolutionizing. There are so many new things coming up in almost every field. Moreover, the digitalization is creating wonders that were unknown previously. Even the field of art is nowhere behind. There are many techniques of painting and depiction of art known to humankind. Speed Painting is one such marvel in the art field that we could not have imagined a few decades ago.

What Is Speed Painting?
It is an art of painting, especially painting of portraits, which is just mind blowing on each step. Till the end of the painting, the onlookers keep guessing whose portrait is drawn. It is only at the end that the real identity comes forth.This form of painting is not just a painting but it is a power packed visual performance in itself. If you are hosting a show, having a performance based on speed painting will hook your guests to the show. It will become one of the most memorable and outstanding event ever.

Speed Painting Is Inclusive Of Different Techniques. They Are As Follows :

  1. Glittering Portraits: A transparent glue is used to make this kind of painting. The artist will go on painting a portrait with a transparent glue and the viewers will not be able to see anything till the last moment. At the end, the artist gives a splash of glitter on the painting and the painting comes alive! The varnish of the glitter enhances the lifespan of the portrait. The best part is that even a palette of skin-tone can be created, which will give out the exact colour of the skin of the person whose portrait is made and make it look like a real person.
  2. Splashing Art: This is another awesome and innovative form of art where a wonderful piece of work is brought to life by literally splashing the colours on the canvas. However, it has to be noted that these are not any random colours or a random, weird piece of art. It has got a special technique of using proper colours at a proper time. This art includes a lot of efficiency and has a subtle technique to it. While watching the process initially will give out no clue to the onlooker as to what is being prepared, the end result is going to blow the mind of everyone.

Speed painting is a unique form of art. It engages the viewers because of the techniques used to portray the art. The artists usually draw the sketches or portraits of famous personalities and public figures. By invitation the artists also perform at personal parties of people like naming ceremony, birthdays and at such events, they sometimes create a portrait of the host and immortalise the day for him. All this extravagance combined with the effects of light and music makes the party a memorable one. So, now we have a new option to immortalize our event. Next time there is any event or show, just find a speed painter to animate the show.

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