Benefits of Dating with Online Video Chat

Dating can be one of the most fun and daunting experiences in life. Unfortunately, it requires a thick skin and lots of patience since most people will go on many dates before finding the proper mate, and, contrary to popular belief, online dating doesn’t make it that much easier.

For girls, online dating involves looking at their inbox and sifting through many messages from guys. The vastness of it can be overwhelming. And just like texting, it’s not always clear what tone of voice these messages have.

And for guys, online dating can feel like hunting for a job. They will view profile after profile with no more than a picture and a few paragraphs to gauge if they should message the girl or not. And even if they message 10 or more girls, there’s no guarantee any of them will message back due to the girl’s dilemma of sifting through their own jungle of messages.

To make things easier for both parties, live video dating can be the way to go.

Live video platforms like Facetime and Facebook Live has made live video a way of life as such applications are used by millions daily for casual talks. So, since live video chat is embraced so readily, how much more would people love to meet their online matches face to face before actually meeting? Let’s list the benefits of using live video for dating and you can decide if it’s worth implementing.

1) Clear Communication

No longer would a guy or girl have to guess what the other means. Live video would allow each of them to clearly see and hear each other, which would help both people honestly assess if they like what they see.

2) No Catfishing

Catfishing, the act of hiding behind a fake profile to date, can happen to anyone. Live video would eliminate that and weed out the catfishers because the camera won’t lie for them.

3) Quicker Conversation

Messaging someone on a dating site is almost equivalent to being pen pals. Depending on when the other person is online, it may take hours or even days to hear from the other person. If you have a live video chat instead, what originally would take in a week can happen in an hour.

If the online dating industry can take time to implement live video, it can save time and heartache for many people. Here’s to hoping for a greater future in the online dating world.

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