Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception

A wedding day is a very special day in a person’s life. It is the time your mind is fully occupied with lots of ideas on how to make it successful. While preparing for a wedding can be smooth for some people, others it could mean a stressful journey. Whatever you do, ensure that your plans will benefit you and your partner. Another important thing is to ensure your wedding ceremony will be fun for your guests. Also, set a wedding date and time that will be most suitable for you and your Partner. Here are some of the secrets to help you achieve your dream wedding.

Proper seating arrangement 

Make sure the seating arrangement gives your guests the freedom to sit with people they relate well with. Never force your guests to sit with strangers as this may make some of them uncomfortable. However, some guests love making new friends and interacting is much easier for them. Also, ensure there is enough space left for your guests to move freely in between the seats. A spacious seating arrangement with space allows friends and family to dance and chat freely.

Have a plan for kids

Children usually get bored quickly, hence they’ll need an entertainment to keep them busy throughout the night.  This gives their parents the freedom to dance without worrying much about them. You can also organize movies, games and dance party for the kids to enable them to enjoy an array of activities. Other things you can do to keep the kids busy is to provide them with crayons, coloring books, and toys, and so on.

Organize a surprise entertainment

When it comes to dancing, you should know that all eyes will be looking at you just to see your first dancing steps. Dancing time is a perfect opportunity to surprise and entertain your guests. You can slowly begin with romantic dance moves then proceed to classic dance songs. Lastly, you can change gears to salsa or Latin dance. The best way to surprise your guests is to ensure they don’t see what’s coming. For example, an artistic agency in the south of France works with magicians and aerialists to offer surprise entertainment to wedding guests.

Create a lounge area 

If you can afford to set up a lounge area, ensure you put comfortable chairs and couches in the reception area. You don’t have to keep your guests sitting all night at the same tables. Once dinner is over, changing the environment will encourage conversation and keep the guests lively. A lounge area offers an elegant and calm feeling especially for elderly guests who want to relax and chat as they watch dancers on the dance floor. Also, you can be more stylish by setting up cozy couches, flowers, chairs and other decors in your wedding colors.


When you are setting up your wedding reception, put your guests’ interest in mind and offer them the best. Your budget will also depend on the type of reception you will put up. The goal is to ensure you enjoy your wedding and guests are entertained.

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