What to do in May?

We say celebrate! There’s always something to celebrate, but with Spring-Summer weather that quickly changes our mood from feeling down to total ecstasy, let’s celebrate and have a party!

A good party that’s filed with rhythmic vibes should also have some good laser lights on stage that will give your audience some unparalleled visual experience during night time.

There are some dates in May which urge for a quality party time such as World Asthma Day (really?!), Firefighter’s Day (that’s hot!) or Star Wars celebration (they are from other galaxy!). Also all the early summer outdoor festivals are worth of going to. A great street food and drinks with sun in the face, surrounded by friends – party time! Party time and laser display time and GMT!

If you party in London, or anywhere in the UK in that matter, an easiest place to get some good RGB full colour laser lights for the party would be from guys at Kvant Lasers UK Limited. They do hire lasers, sell lasers, but also offer a professional laser display production.


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