Food to make your mouth water in the morning

This Morning has been a staple on day time television for years and one of my favourite segments is when they bring on chefs to show you what delights they are cooking for Holly and Phil that day. The kitchen set up in the studio is much like your home so rather than them cooking over a commercial oven like a Commercial Combi Oven they use your humble domestic version. This is the case so that anyone at home can cook the recipes from start to finish without the need for complicated equipment but if you’d like to take a look at some they can be seen at

Here are some of the chefs that have graced the This Morning kitchen.

Gino de ACampo – Easily the most popular with Holly and Phil and the audience at home Gino’s at times sparse control over the English language is laid wonderfully bare by the giggling two as he makes several faux pas and says something unintentionally suggestive or gets deeply offended by a comment on Italian cooking that Holly might have said. One of the best examples that saw Holly descend in unsuppressed humour was when she made a comment about a that Carbonara, a standard classic of Italian cuisine was like Macaroni cheese but with Ham in it. This made a clearly put-out Gino reply with the now legendary “Yes. Well if my Grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike!”

Joe Wickes – The food vlogger has started to make some in roads into the show with his vegetarian and vegan options that have even got the carnivorous Phil to take notice at how tasty they can be. “AND THAT RIGHT THERE IS LEAN IN FIFTEEN!” Joes Youtube catchphrase has yet to be uttered with the usually extroverted Joe gentle finding his feet. Were sure to see some of his boundless energy start to come across at some point no doubt.

Phil Vickery – The old guard part of the show Phil has been appearing on This Morning for many years and has soon learned how to deal with and to expect the shenanigans of the two main presenters. Phil’s meals and nice and simple English affairs but you can guarantee that somewhere Holly and Phil will find some fault and start to try and get the very unflappable Mr Vickery into some difficulty. Not Mr Vickery. He is a very safe pair of hands.

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James Martin – Ever since his transfer to ITV from the BBC James Martin has been popping into the This Morning kitchen to cook up a storm and show the world he’s continuing love of butter. He seems a perfect fit to the canon of Celebrity Chefs and brings great skill presenting plus good humour.

Its pretty much always a highlight of the show.


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