Escape Rooms: Party Worthy Fun?

Everybody likes playing games at a party. Whether those games are board games, on a console, or even over the internet, it’s just plain fun. But when games evolve and become something you actively do, a haunted house, or an escape room, is it worth the money and time you spend to go there?

Many would say yes. The excitement you get from personally going through something you would normally only experience in a virtual environment is exhilarating. Murder room mysteries come to life? Haunted houses that only get eerier as you pass through door after door? Pirate themed adventures that you experience through a series of notes and mysterious journals? All of that and much more is available at escape room locations all over the U.S., like Escape Room DFW.

Escape rooms come in many varieties and qualities. Most, if not all, will allow you to decide the number of people you want in your group and who those people are, usually friends you’ve invited. That is also the general format of escape rooms, but if you do want to team up with other people at the location, there are escape rooms that offer that. This does of course depend on whether you’ve booked a time to go to the location beforehand, or if you’ve decided to go there unannounced and just see what happens. Both choices have pros and cons that you’ll have to work around for your next party.

You might be thinking that these escape rooms sound fun and all, but what about the price? From simple 10 minute 15$ per person affairs to adventure mysteries that last nearly an hour for 35$ per person, escape room prices vary greatly depending on the experience you want. The complexity you get out of an escape room, the technology incorporated into it, the amount of effort you must put in to solve the mysteries and escape, and how long you want to stay all affect the price. That includes the theme of the escape room and the story you get to experience. The themes are diverse, and many are quite creative and clever. Don’t let that price scare you, you get what you pay for after all.

So, is it still worth your time and money? Decide that for yourself when the next family meet-up comes around and you want to give everybody an extra special day.

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