What to know about electric RC planes

The electric RC planes are also referred to as nitro planes. These planes are realistic and are the most famous model airplanes among remote control hobbyists. If you are a newbie, know that owning an RC plane is equivalent to owning a real one.

You have to refuel, maintain and keep its oil clean as it happens in airplanes. There are many downs and ups to electric-powered RC airplanes. We shall focus on everything you need to know about a gas RC airplane.

  • Electric power

In the days of EP (pre-mass production), electric RC airplanes were underpowered. Gearboxes and brushed motors were the order of the day, alongside heavy nickel-cadmium batteries. It is all made for a poor power-train setup hence causing poor flight performance.

Nowadays, electric powers have gained popularity, especially with the evolving technologies. There is a place for the internal combustion engine within aero-modeling with large-scale RC airplanes. However, these advances in battery and motor performances are lowering the issue.

  • Brushed and brush-less technology

Brush-less motor technology is a newer technology for RC hobbies, but it has gained traction due to their costs becoming more affordable and the advantages of brushless motors. A Brush-less motor lacks the commutator or the brushes that are found in a standard electric motor. The locations of the windings and magnet are also reversed.

The permanent magnet is placed on the copper winding, and the rotor part is on the stationary component around the rotating rotor.

  • Voltage

A battery comprises cells, which are connected in series and parallel to make up the battery. The chemical composition knows the voltage of any battery of the material found in the battery’s cells.

When buying a Li-Po battery for your RC model airplane, pay close attention to the number of cells the plane inventor recommends.

  • Connectors

Li-Po batteries from your favorite shop for RC airplanes will come with a standard JST-XH Balance Connector. It connects the balance board to your charger. Most quality chargers come with various interchangeable cables for different kinds of battery connectors.

  • Balance boards

Balance the board first before charging a Li-Po pack. It keeps all the cells even, thus allowing them to work as one with less stress on each other. A flat battery always outlasts a non-balance one.

  • Propellers

Do not try to repair or glue a damaged propeller to minimize vibration. Vibration increases tear and wear on the engine’s bearings and the rest of your airplane’s radio equipment and parts.

Also, select the correct propeller from the recommended range specified by the engine inventor.

  • Carburetors

When breaking in an engine, it is essential to avoid running an ABC engine excessively. It is because the engine will move far cooler than it is designed to at normal operation. The engine’s internal clearances are usually tight when cold.

Operating the engine below the designed running temperature will enhance premature wear.

Parting shot

The list can go on and on. The above information will assist you in knowing about RC electric airplanes.

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