How to find the best Male Stippers in Nashville?

Are you planning a bachelorette’s party? You want it to be glamorous and fun at the same time? How about hiring a few male strippers that will rock out the place?

It’s the new millennium, there are no stigmas anymore. People are liberal and male and female sexuality is normal. Having fun with some professional dancers that can really make a great party is the best possible idea for your second most important night of your life.

So how to handle this situation? How to find the best dancers in Tennessee? Follow the advice below and you can be sure that you’ll find the best choice possible.

Company vs Individual

When you’re looking for a male striptease, you start looking online, right? Then you see that there are lots of individual performers that are kind of looking strange, right?

Everyone faces this problem. When you’re choosing what fits your needs best, you need to choose between these two options.

Mainly, companies offer a choice from their licensed dancers. They are professionals, have a background and the companies guarantee about their performance. For this, they usually charge a little more than individuals who are in the business without anyone behind them.

On the other hand, if something unexpected happens, you have where to turn. Companies are registered, licensed and always care about their customers. If something happens you know where you can find them and even file charges against them if that’s what’s needed.

The individuals are harder to find and charge afterward. They might act like they were never at your place and it’s very hard and expensive going to court over a person who did something wrong. Not to mention that they ruined the night that was supposed to be perfect. It’s not easy being a stripper though. Look at this article to see more about them.

Since the bachelorette party is full of girls, it’s better if you have a person in your home that you know is a complete professional. A person working under the umbrella of a company will indulge in aggressive behavior less likely than the ones working solo.

Online reviews

If you choose a solo dancer, you must check their reputation online. Same goes if you want a company. It’s almost 2020, everything’s happening on the internet and all information is available there.

So, open the search engine and look for places where you can see some reviews, rating, comments from previous clients, and everything you can find about the persons you’re about to hire. You don’t want some maniac to get inside your home, right?

It’s best if you start by searching them on social networks. Male dancers are usually big on social networks because they look good and live a glamorous life. They upload pictures of their fun time and people leave comments about their work.

Same goes for the companies. Aside from being big on social networks, they own pages where you can read about their employees, how they perform, what their best side is, and what you can expect from them. Take a look at Majesty Male Strippers page as an example and continue looking for the best choice.

If you happen to find some bad reviews about someone, skip them and continue. If you find only one proven negative comment about someone being aggressive, don’t take any risk to hire them as a person that was once aggressive will surely not change.

Always hire a company or a person that has a high rating. Since it’s your money we’re talking about here, find those that are top of the line.

Ability to create your own choreography

If we’re talking about your money, it’s good to mention that it’s best to tell the company or the stripper you chose what your favorite idea is. This way the stripper can make the bachelorette’s fantasy come to reality.

Most of the girls like and ask for uniform roleplay as soldiers, sailors, firemen, and cops are always attractive to women. However, this is not the only thing that can be chosen. Ask for the guy you’re about to hire if they can do something the bride will love.

For example, ask for the stripper to recreate the famous Tyson Beckford’s dance from Chocolate City. This shouldn’t be too hard to learn for the person performing. Of course, nothing can be as good as the original, but you’ll probably need a lot more money to hire Tyson to do the same show for you in private. You haven’t seen this movie. Check it out here:

Some dancers will let you hang out for a few times until you make the choreography complete and you perform together. This is something that can be very interesting as an idea. Whether it be the bachelorette or the bridesmaid, a dance act made together will be absolutely amazing.

On top of everything, the person organizing the evening can make everyone do a choreography thinking that they’ll be the only ones doing it. When everyone’s ready, the stripper will get on to the scene and will raise the temperature to the maximum.

The feelings from the altogether dancing and a male stripper doing the same as all of you are will be an amazing and everlasting experience. It will be talked about until the end of times.


Some of these ideas and advice can be very helpful in finding the best person for the occasion. Understand that you can just invite a total stranger at your home. You need to do thorough research and make a good choice. You need someone who will be a total professional and will get the job done in the most perfect possible way.

That’s why you mustn’t wait until the last day. Not just because you won’t find the best person, but chances are big that you won’t find anyone at all. Strip dancers are busy men and their schedule is almost always full. Especially during the weekends when everyone finished their working week and like to have some fun.

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