Would You Be Able to Escape the Rooms?

Are you and your friends the types that love good challenges? Do you often find yourselves seeking out puzzles and games that make you really work at finding the steam of your problems to complete? Maybe it is time that you and a group of friends decided to take on a couple of escape rooms and push your thinking and brains to the limit! While sitting down with a group of friends to pull out a puzzle used to be the fun thing to do, there are now live interactive rooms that stimulate the brain as well as puzzles used to. Since those game options have gone out of style, time to try something new. What is better than exercising your brain and also having a ton of laughs at the very same time?

Over the past few years the United States has become infatuated with the quirks and excitement of an escape venue. With these types of live games popping up all over the country there is hardly a friend group who hasn’t tested their knowledge at one of these live and in real time game rooms. With excitement, challenges, and laugher there is something for everyone within these types of gaming situations. With over 8,000 different types of these rooms nationwide there are

a rage of different types of rooms for every friend group. From those who love spooks and challenges to others who have an affliction for adventures and superheroes, there are rooms for everyone! Not to mention for all ages as well.

But what are these puzzling and mind-bending rooms exactly? Well, these rooms are designed by essentially being live puzzles. The group of friends is “locked” inside of a single room and given clues on how to find the locks and escape from the room. These puzzles vary in difficulty from easy to rarely complete. It all depends on the type of game that you and your friends are looking for when you enter the escape venue. If you feel as if you guys can handle a real challenge the bigger games might just be for you! With riddles and clues, the average room allows their parties to stay and play for roughly an hour.

Of course, these rooms are always monitored, and if you or anyone in your party find themselves too afraid to complete the full time within a room the game monitors will let your party out at any point. They are of course safe for any age from young children to adults celebrating retirement and everyone in-between.

So, the next time it is a Friday night and you are your group are unsure of what to do with yourselves, head to a venue and test your knowledge. It’ll beat all sitting in the room around a single game console fighting over who gets to take the next turn with the game! Head over to the room and put your brains to the challenge.

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