Party Hardy Swimming Pool Birthday Party

My best friend’s birthday is coming up in a couple of months. She plans on throwing a party this time around. She wanted a DJ, a gigantic cake and wanted it to be held at a pool. “This is the big 40, ladies! I am going to party in style” she said. We all laughed and agreed that turning forty is a big deal.

She assigned each of us a to-do list. Sheila was assigned to the cake, Mary was assigned to finding the venue, and I was assigned to finding the entertainment. So off we went in search of the roles we were assigned. I went online and searched for any good speaker system rental. To make things easier on myself, I wanted a┬ápackaged deal. I wanted a DJ to bring his own equipment and when it’s all said and done, pack it up and take it with him. I thought it would be a great idea to just hire a local radio DJ, that way we’re familiar with the DJ and we would know what kinds of songs he would play. I called the local radio station and asked about booking their head DJ. They were gracious and very accommodating. They also stated they will throw in a laser show. I quickly set the booking and hung up the phone. “Okay, entertainment is done,” I said. I went back to my best friend’s house and asked if there was anything else besides a DJ that she wanted. She said, “How about karaoke?” I said okay let me see what I can find.

I called back the radio station and asked if they would add a speaker system separate to the ones the DJ will be using. They asked why, and I said, “my best friend wants to do karaoke too!” They said there will be an added fee as there would be more equipment being used. I agreed and said, “that’s what the birthday girl wants.” They laughed and said they have added the additional equipment to the booking. Party day arrived, and I called the radio station to ask when the DJ and the equipment will arrive. The party started at noon, so they said they will be arriving at 10 am to get set up. They arrived promptly at 10 AM in a gigantic van. One by one the equipment was unloaded. The speakers were enormous. By the looks of it, you’ll be able to hear the party miles away. The karaoke machine system was set up in another section so as to not disturb the DJ. A crew of people started to affix laser lights behind the DJ. I asked if that was for the laser show. The DJ smiled and said, “Yes, it is, and we’re going to have a good time today!” After the DJ and his crew completed their setup, the DJ made an announcement. “Happiest Birthday to the birthday girl! Let’s get this party started” he said.

The arrangements were put together well. My best friend got her gigantic cake. She got her DJ, her karaoke, and she got her pool. When the party ended, and everyone went home, we were left with the birthday girl. She smiled and said, “I had the time of my life today!”

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