Ideal Position for A Pianist at A Wedding

You have probably been to a wedding and noticed that the pianist is moving the seat and wonder what on earth they are doing? They are just adjusting the seat to make themselves comfortable before starting to play the piano. Every piano player is different in body size and body height. Adjusting the seat to their bodily nature enables the pianist to be in the most comfortable posture to play the piano. Normally, there are three main things that are involved in a pianist sitting posture. These points apply to all concert pianists and even solo singers.

The Pianist’s Body Height

When sitting next to a piano, the seat must always be high enough to enable the hands to rest comfortably on the piano keys. The hands must be relaxed and almost horizontal with the floor. The hand, the wrist must be slightly lower than the fingers, but not be resting on the key slip at the front of the keys. Legs and knees must fit under the piano. When you are playing the piano, you can be able to adjust the height of the instrument stand to achieve the proper height of the keyboard.

The Distance Between the Piano and The Pianist

The seat has to be set so that whenever the pianist sits with his hands resting on the piano keys the elbows are in front of his stomach. Arms should never be extended. Neither shall the elbows should be past the pianist back.

The Pianist Sitting Posture

When sitting at the piano seat, the pianist should maintain a straight back with shoulders relaxed. This will allow the pianist to hold their head straight to enable them to see the music sheet placed on the music desk in front of them. Remember, while your sitting posture may sound like an insignificant matter, it is an integral facet, every Pianist should observe for optimum performance. Playing the piano should be a wonderful experience for both the audience and the pianist. Music brings people together. Piano music is a perfect way to lighten the mood of the wedding.

The VIP Treatment at A Wedding

You can use the VIP keyboarding or piano performance as an opportunity to try and warm up the guests. If different pianos can be played at the same time, the better. This is an experience that friends and family will enjoy and most certainly never forget. Thus, this calls for practice. For a pianist, it has to be almost perfect. You would not want to ruin the perfect day with the wrong key combination progressions and wrong notes because they stick out like a sour thumb.

When the bride is making her grand entrance, the piano should be played slowly. No need to rush. It should be slower than what was being played before. You will not want a scenario where the pianist has run out of music before the bride gets to the altar. Everyone needs a chance to have a glance at the bride. A better way to do this is to have a sweet melody from a piano playing in the background to complement the long-awaited moment.


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