Getting a Job In Hollywood

Many people have a dream of working in Hollywood. There are several different positions that you can train for but to do so, you will need special training. Here is what you need to do to get a job in Hollywood.

Go To School

If you want to get a producer job like Heather Parry, you need to get into a college with a reputable film program. Getting a degree in filmmaking will give you four years of experience while being overseen by professors who have experience in the field. You can get hands on knowledge at school such as camera work and editing. These things will help you get a job in movies and television.

Learning On the Job

Another way to get your foot in the door is to search for an internship. Applying for this allows you to work more closely with a certain aspect of the business. You can test out if that career is a fit for you for about a year. Internships work for both college students and employees already graduated and in the workforce. While most interns work for a company with little pay if any, the experience with a large production company and the contacts that you establish within are worth applying.

From the Ground Up

Once you have your degree, you need to apply for whatever positions are available. Many entry level jobs work alongside a multitude of different types of positions in a film. That contact gives you a first hand observance of what you would like to ultimately do while you build relationships with others who can help you rise through the ranks of the company. Nearly every job must have some sort of experience so taking an assistant’s position or working with equipment allows you to get that training on your resume.

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