Dance Group in Delhi ,A Destroying Formalism Around Marketing

Dance Group in Delhi

Time has changed relentlessly and continues to do so as we speak. And with time, changed how people looked at advertising and marketing campaigns. Contemporary strategies build around the needs of audience has gained a momentum and the existing orthodoxy in branding and advertising is on a significant decline. Dance groups in Delhi and Marketing? Who’d have thought that? By the end of this article you’d know how dance troupes like The Glowdiators has come up with THE most astonishing and extremely effective form of Marketing and Branding. The whole idea behind marketing is simple – let the audience or a niche get acquainted with your product or service and in return of the attention grabbed, you get queries leading to conversion. Right? Well, every form of marketing is fundamentally the same. But it’s the ‘How’ that changes the game. Newspapers, fliers, hoardings, radio, television and now social media, the way advertising has changed over decades gives us a glimpse of how the advertising game will stay forever, independent of the technological transitions happening in the world. When it comes to Audience, it is imperative for the marketers to have a firm understanding of the behavior and elements that trigger the engagement process for that niche. With time, changed the likings of the audience, consequently changed the contents (read pillars) on which the whole marketing and advertising was based. This is the era of entertainment. Marketers understand that loud and clear. The audience has been bombarded with advertisements from all sides that it has become overwhelming for them to make a firm choice. And what does that mean? It means that Marketers do not realize the behavior of their niche. A rant about a product or a service works no more to lure the audience. And a clear example is recording TV shows. People now prefer to record their favourite TV shows not just to watch it later when they have free time, but also to skip the entire harangue that marketers have put up on television. Hence. There is a dire need of making advertising native. Facebook has done it on its UI. So has Twitter, Instagram and Snaphat. That means advertising should not come up as something that hits the user with a baseball bat and makes it suffer a concussion. ‘Advertise with the flow’. And this flow has been very well understood by the marketing managers at The Glowdiators, a dance group in Delhi. ‘Tron Dance’, a performance art involving the extensive use of LED Light and Electronic Music, has come up as an exemplary form of advertising. The guys at The Glowdiators perform their dance sequences in pitch dark so that the gleaming LEDs give a Robotic feel to the whole performance. And within the performance comes the branding! You see what they did here? The Glowdiators have changed the game of marketing by making the audience engage completely into their performance and then innovatively sliding in the brand or product they are performing to advertise for. No surprise that The Glowdiators have been approached by industry giants like VISA and Future Group to perform at their conventions. Their performances in Dubai at The Masterpiece ’18 was a huge hit. Not just that, The Glowdiators have also successfully learned the art of storytelling which helps them to enhance their performance delivery. Simon Sinek once said that it’s the ‘Why’ that matters to the audience, not the ‘What’. The Glowdiators-Dance group in Delhi, understand this crystal clear. They have achieved the art of storytelling through years of hardwork and dedication and answer the ‘Why’ through their dance performances. The Glowdiators, effective marketing, delivered.

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