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Coveted Dream of Rubbing Shoulder with the Stars

There are actually innumerable numbers of people in India who wish to make a successful career in Bollywood by getting a chance in a new feature film. Though it is true that generally Indian parents think of making their ward a successful doctor or an engineer but eventually their child’s dreams are not very much same. Even then also auditions for new actor are something that has mesmerized the imagination of generations and generations and still counts among the most coveted dream of the young India. A road to success is never easy. Auditions for new Actor in big production houses are often reserved for the influential ones. New movie Auditions are many a time closely guarded and even hard to hear of. It becomes even tougher when a very large number of people are fighting hard for a limited number of good chances available. Nevertheless Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the world in terms of number of movies being made in a year, but still in reality it is very tough to get a breakthrough in this industry. But being tough doesn’t mean being impossible. The thing that you need to do is to just follow the right path. Let us share with you the key to become the next big thing in Bollywood. The best and the easiest way is to try your luck out in an acting competition rather than in a new movie audition or auditions for new actor. This is by far the best way to become the next Bollywood sensation for all new comers. The best thing that it does for you is it to give you a feel of the actual working of the industry together with providing you a platform to showcase your skills. You also get a chance to have a face-off with reality by evaluating yourself in relation to other people, who are on the same boat as you. Such competitions also double as an audition for the new actor on a large podium. They often have new feature film casting as a reward of the event. Undoubtedly first impression is the last impression. A bad start could be extremely hazardous to your career. So it would be most advisable for any newcomer to participate in a competition sort of audition that a registered production house has organized. It is much better an option than wasting your time and energy in running between the gates of different production houses for a new movie audition in Bombay, where the guards wouldn’t even let you in. Usually such competitions or auditions on national level or local level are organised with a serious aim to get a talented fresh face for a New Feature Film. As this is only for fresher’s you can be assured of your dreams not being crushed by some known big star. Whatever may come and go but your competition would be only with your own peers, may be more or less groomed. It would be a chance where you can do anything from making an impression to learning an expression. Do not miss it at any cost; your career may have to pay the price. So keep yourself updated with any such type of competition being organised by a production house instead of only new movie auditions. Prepare your best performance for it. Reach the venue and give it a try. You can even get a break in a new feature film through it. There is no simple rule book on how to make an acting career in Bollywood or how to get a role in a new feature film. Indeed the path has been traversed many a times but generally the road has been different, so even a success formula for New Movie Auditions hasn’t been derived. Like everything else the competition in auditions for new actor also has increased manifolds and for now if you really want to make an acting career in Bollywood, it is better to just learn the initial tips and go give it a try.



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