Month: September 2018

Visual Art

Speed Painting – A Revolution in the Field of Art

The world is revolutionizing. There are so many new things coming up in almost every field. Moreover, the digitalization is creating wonders that were unknown previously. Even the field of art is nowhere behind. There are many techniques of painting and depiction of art known to humankind. Speed Painting is one such marvel in the […]

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Ten cool and interesting facts about F1

With fans around the world glued to the current F1 season, it is a good time to look at some interesting facts about the sport. 1. Numbers Every car must carry its driver’s race number. The driver’s number will be used throughout his career, with the exception being the reigning world champion. This driver can […]

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Food to make your mouth water in the morning

This Morning has been a staple on day time television for years and one of my favourite segments is when they bring on chefs to show you what delights they are cooking for Holly and Phil that day. The kitchen set up in the studio is much like your home so rather than them cooking […]

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