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Deadpool Cable Has Arrived

Here’s the deal. You and me, we both know that Cable was going to be a part of Deadpool 2. And, you don’t need to be a genius to know that, after all Deadpool himself teased about it. Remember, the final scene in the Deadpool movie? I’m talking about the post credit scene. And, this is the scene where what I’m referring to happens. So, Cable is confirmed, but what’s not confirmed is who’s going to play cable. so, who is going to play cable? This question was finally answered and boy it is a great choice if you ask me. Now, Cable has been a character that the comic fans have been waiting for longtime. Espcially X-men fans and with Deadpool 2 the fans will finally get to see him in live action and that too for the very first time. Ever since he was teased there has been no shortage of rumors as to who will play the much acclaimed character on screen but that mystery is no longer a mystery. The coveted role is finally going to Josh Brolin. Yes, you hear me right. It’s Josh Brolin. He might seem a little unconventional to play Cable, but after a few trips to the gym and gaining up some bulk he is going to look just fine as Cable. Only a few details are out when it comes to what to expect from the live action version of Cable. And, his character arc is going to be very similar to the one in the comics. so, very much like what he does in comics, he is supposed to have an overly serious , broody and determined persona. So he will be the one who is going to deal with all the seriousness while Deadpool will bring in the comic relief. Josh Brolin is the new addition to the cast and he is the second new actor to be added to the Deadpool franchise. With Ryan Reynolds reprising the role of Wade Wilson, Deadpool is shaping up to be all that we want it to be. Which is, nothing short of amazing. It seems Fox is doing everything right with Deadpool. And, by everything right I mean, Keeping it true to the comics. That’s all a comic fan expects and when big studios deliver on those promises movies go on to create a fan-following that sticks by them.



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